Why Open Source?

According to the Internet World Stats Website, there are approximately 2 billion users on the internet as of 2010. The combined efforts and expertise of millions of programmers has led to a massive base of useful and freely available software on the internet. Open source licensing practice gives a network to what might otherwise be untapped potential. All programs and libraries available on this site are licensed under the GNU General Public License V3.0 and may be modified and used freely under the terms of the license. More information on open source licensing practice can be found here.

Why Not Multi-Platform?

Thanks to the continued efforts of the free software community, programming environments are available that provide a way to develop high-performance, media-capable C/C++ applications for many platforms without the need to write platform-specific code. With libraries such as Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) it is possible to create applications with the portability and utility of interpreted languages such as Python and Java, without sacrificing the speed and flexibility of C/C++ code.

Platforms Supported

Unless otherwise noted the applications and libraries provided have been designed to work on the following platforms without alteration, however due to limited resources, they have not all been tested on platforms that they are not precompiled for:

  • Unix-based (Linux, BeOS, etc.)
  • Windows (all versions after the introduction of Windows '95)
  • Mac OS X (notes on compiling SDL-based applications for Mac can be found here)